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Kenté Scott??




Kenté Scott is a visionary with a comedic flair that lights up every stage he steps on. Whether writing scripts or perfecting sets for fellow comedians, his talent is unparalleled. Kenté Scott has graced the silver screen for a quarter of a century, leaving an indelible mark on cinematic history. His presence has elevated beloved classics such as "Moesha", “The Parkers”, and “ER” where his charismatic performance breathed life into memorable characters. In "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps," his comedic genius shone brightly, effortlessly entertaining audiences with impeccable timing. And who can forget his powerful presence in films like "They Call Me Sirr" and "Antwone Fisher," where he captivated hearts with his emotional depth. But Kenté Scott's impact reaches far beyond his silver screen endeavors. Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of comedic geniuses, he established the KentégiousKomedy Bootcamp comedy classes. 

His esteemed classes are a pillar of Hollywood and an essential platform for aspiring comedians yearning to conquer the industry's grand stages. Kenté's teachings, honed through years of experience and innate talent, offer a roadmap to success for those daring enough to tread the path of laughter. 

Kenté Scott and his sister Shonda Scott host their podcast, aptly named "What Sibling Rivalry". It has become an instant hit, captivating listeners with infectious laughter, insightful discussions, and occasional sibling banter. Kenté and Shonda have effortlessly created an environment that feels like a cozy living room filled with engaging stories, meaningful debates, and heartfelt connections. Please tune in to listen to why they'll be receiving honorary doctorate degrees. 

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