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Kentè Scott



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Kenté Scott 



As an entertainment veteran  I'm passionate about helping people discover and develop their unique talents and educate them on entertainment etiquette. From comedy to writer development, I work with my clients to help them prepare for opportunities. I take pride in empowering my clients with the confidence to take their gifts and turn them into opportunities to create a successful future.

My Calendar

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Laughs Unlimited

Sacramento, CA


Friday - Saturday

What Sibling Rivalry Podcast

What Sibling Rivalry, the Podcast is hosted by the sister/brother duo of Shonda and Kenté Scott. Shonda (mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, producer and host of Spotlight With Shonda) joins her brother Kenté (actor, comedian, writer, producer, and father) to share stories about growing up together in Oakland, their mother and father’s shenanigans then and now, and being single parents to sometimes grown children. Plus, they’ll be letting you know how they feel about current events, sports, movies, music, politics, and everything else under the sun.

Shonda & Kenté will be joined on their podcast by celebrity guests as well as some of their sibling friends and family members. They’ll also be recording broadcasts from some of the coolest spots around the country. So, don’t miss an episode of this hilarious and informative podcast as you get to know more about Shonda and Kenté Scott and their opinions on What Sibling Rivalry, the Podcast.

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